Candy Lilies Iris x norrisii - 2

James Waddick
Sun, 20 Dec 2009 09:30:39 PST
Jay Yourch wrote:

	"I've had tremendous success with I. domestica here in 
central North Carolina.  My favorite is the
compact, yellow flowered 'Hello Yellow'"

	" I'm able to send them to seed exchanges in large quantities. "

Dear friends,
	Yes Jay has been generous and sent some of his seed to the 
SIGNA Seed Exchange this year. We also have seed of both wild and 
garden origin seed of both I domestica and I dichotoma.  We also have 
some choice Other Irids - many bulbous. The seed list goes to members 
of SIGNA first, the is published on the web. I'll announce it here as 
soon as I can, but it is days if not weeks away.

	If I am lucky we'll even have some mixed Candy Lily (x 
norrisii) seed on the web as a Late Arrival. I'm looking forward to 
that one myself.

		Thanks for all the comments. 		Jim W.

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