Labels for seed pots
Wed, 16 Dec 2009 15:10:22 PST
Adam said:
> If any of the North American sources for labels don't ship
> internationally--I bet there are members who would volunteer to do it.
> Or,
> any such person abroad could ask for a volunteer.

I think the information exchanged translates quite well, since nearly
everyone with the exception of me was discussing basic materials, and
anyone, with a little exploration, would be able to find them.

What was amazing to me was how imaginatively folks were able to discover
and utilize various readily available materials with creative and lasting
effect.  I found the whole discussion quite informative and will save for
future reference, i.e. when I have more time, since I would like to use
more permanent labels that I do now.

Robin Hansen
Hansen Nursery
North Bend, Oregon

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