Eranthis confusion?

James Waddick
Sun, 15 Feb 2009 16:16:16 PST
Dear Friends,
	There has been some discussion of timing of bloom of 
Eranthis. I wonder if this is due to confusion between the two 
similar and most common E. hyemalis and E. cilicica.

	They are easy enough to distinguish from each other if you 
grow both. In my garden the two species bloom about 10 days to 2 
weeks apart. Each flower is surrounded by a 'collar' of foliage - in 
the later species, the 'collar' has far fewer segments, while the 
later is finer and almost ferny. Once you see them together you se a 
big difference, but casual observation may not pick this up.

	Then there's the hybrid known as E. x tubergenii. This is 
often sold as the named form 'Guinea Gold'. I assume it blooms 
intermediary between the two species, but any number of natural E. x 
tubergenii hybrids could show a range of bloom times between the two 

	I was surprised to see that E. cilicica is not on the wiki 
and the range of spelling of both species names on the web.

	The bottom line is that you have a range of bloom times, you 
may a range of species and their hybrids.

		Does this help?		Jim W.

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