Blooming now/Weather changes

Byron Amerson
Sun, 01 Feb 2009 19:41:08 PST
I live in the north SF Bay where we have had much the same weather as Nhu
and Mary Sue, despite some pretty strong micro-climate distinctions in our
region. The weather really has been spectacular - sunny, warm, and crystal
clear.  Perfect for mountain biking (and lots of it). But the local
reservoirs are very low, which is an ominous sign.

As far as my containers go (I have very few geophytes - my collection is
growing though!), many of my Echeverias and Mexican Sedums  have decided its
time to flower, and several of my cacti believe that now is the time to grow
- with cool nights, bright and warm, but not hot, days.  My Lillum
humboldtii, started from seed five years ago, is springing into active
growth; this year should be their second year of flowers.  Nacissus are in
full bloom in yards all over the place and the Amaryllis belladonna escapees
that turn up in unexpected nooks in this area in full vegetative growth as
are the over-abundant Agapanthus.

I have loads of seed recently sown seed, and more on the way, so I eagerly
await abundant seedlings over the next few months.  Iain's bulb log has been
a real inspiration in terms of seed-sowing approaches, so I'm excited about
possible outcomes.

The NWS is predicting a significant storm later this week.  I'll believe it
when I see it.  The last system which was supposed to dump substantial rain
totally missed the north Bay ( though it looks like Monterey and south
received a good dousing).

I second Nhu's assessment of the Berkley Botanical garden - the aloes really
are putting on quite a show.


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