Babiana and Spiloxene on the wiki

Justin Smith
Tue, 10 Feb 2009 16:15:53 PST
> Subject: [pbs] Babiana and Spiloxene on the wiki
> I know I can't compete with culinary matters, but I hope some of you will > look at the pictures.> > Mary Sue
I just checked out the pages and I just wanted to say WOO HOO!!  ...ok ...was that a bit too much? Then, Woo Hoo!  The pages look great, I know a lot of hard work went into them. 
I am not into culinary finery, I am unable to cook. Unless you think heating canned soup in the microwave fine dinning.
We all want to make a difference but it is people like Mary Sue that actually do. I use the wiki just about every day and the hard work and dedication shows in it's top notch quality.
Mary Sue deserves much more than just one Thank you. But everyone would say I was trying to spam them if I thanked her on every day that she deserved it.
Thanks Mary Sue, good job and this should give me about... what? ....3? or maybe... 4? Brownie Points?  LOL 
You all take care
Woodville, TX 8b/9a
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