PBS wiki

David Nicholson d.avensis@virgin.net
Tue, 03 Feb 2009 12:46:55 PST
As a long time lurker on the List the PBS Wiki has been (and is now) a great 
source of learning for me and I'm sure for many others across the world.

May we hope that it can be fixed without the need for substantial work from 
the willing volunteers. To quote, (or even mis-quote!) and I can't remember 
who I am quoting "They also serve who only sit and wait". We are all with 
you folks.

David Nicholson.

>SNIP Ibiblio upgraded php today. It's the programming language that our 
>wiki uses. Unfortunately our wiki is incompatible with the upgrade so that 
>none  of the pages show anymore. It's not clear whether or not they will be 
>able  to modify the code and patch it up........<SNIP> 

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