Blooming now/Weather changes

Leo A. Martin
Tue, 03 Feb 2009 12:05:42 PST
I don't have much in bloom now. I store most of my winter-growers in boxes
in the house due to our summer heat and rain. I didn't get them out as
early as I would have liked, though I pulled the brunsvigias, crossynes,
and haemanthuses out in September and sprouted them under lights in the
house. I think the seedlings have trouble surviving a long, hot summer
even in the house.

We've had a much warmer winter than usual, with 5 nights of light frost at
my house but most nights in the 40s F and days in the 60s-80s F. Only two
rain systems so far, so I've had to water.

Oxalis hirta, meissneri are done. Blooming now are Oxalis luteola, obtusa
various colors and purpurea various colors. Paperwhite narcissus are just
sprouting; normally they are in bloom in mid December. Freesia refracta is
finished. Several Ferraria are in bud, as are several Babiana.
Chlorophytum ? undulatum is in bloom. A Lachenalia supposed to be L.
zebrina but with two leaves is blooming, as well as L. viridiflora, which
is strange rather than beautiful.

[Non-bulb content, skip if you're sensitive]
My landscape aloes are blooming: aculeata, cameronii, marlothii,
microstigma, petricola, saponaria, somaliensis, vaombe, several hybrids.
Also blooming is a magnificent Cheridopsis dentata (C. candidissima), a
winter-growing ice plant (family Aizoaceae) often sold as "victory plant"
for its upright, fingerlike, chalky bluish pairs of leaves. It has 3"
flowers that open brilliant shining white and age to deep yellow. Each
flower lasts over 3 weeks. This is the only species I know in this genus
that does fine with year-round watering and sun.

[back on topic]
Tropaeolum polyphyllum seedlings from the spring BX continue growing well.
I put the pot in my carport which is sufficient frost protection most

Leo Martin
Phoenix Arizona USA

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