Sending seeds to the BX

Uli Urban
Wed, 25 Feb 2009 14:09:00 PST
Dear Dell and Dear All,

What on earth is going on in the US? I try to follow the discussions
(more or less) but reading the e-mails so full of abbreviations I do not
know nor understand (what is a MOU for example) and reading the
instructions I received from Dell makes me feel that further postings
will become very unlikely to arrive. 
The instructions say not to reproduce the green and yellow labels but to
use original ones, so how and where to get the originals?
I have always found it a lot of work to send seed, the labelling and
packing alone but with THAT kind of labelling required....... I don't
know and feel very frustrated.

For receiving from the US I can only say, just post it, it has always,
always reached here.

Greetings from Germany, first time not happy with the membership.....   

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