Seed Propagation methods

Byron Amerson
Fri, 06 Feb 2009 15:13:16 PST
Thanks for the comprehensive reply Mary.

I have been reading the archived IBS posts on seed germination.  What a gold
mine.  Thanks for the tip.  I had Googled seed sowing  previously using the
the search string from the wiki welcome page, but I never had discovered
this particular string of posts.

Mry, I wondered if you could offer some clarification of sowing of
Calochortus.  I can't tell tell  if you mean that you always sow early in
the fall, or if you wait until later in the winter after most of the rain to
avoid a long, soggy stay before germination.

Michael and others, your feedback is well-taken.  I'll do my best to be more
patient and wait to sow seeds of the winter-growing species.


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