Mealy bugs

Linda Foulis
Sun, 08 Feb 2009 16:49:50 PST
Well, I'm thankful that my pests are the aerial type and not what Arnold had attacking his Arisaemas, that is just nasty.
I've found them around the base of my clivia's and hippeastrums but they are the same as what is growing on the foliage.

I've tried, over the past 2 years, to treat these mealy bugs.  I've also learned an important lesson through all this, all new
plants must be quarantined!  I did try the alcohol treatment for the better part of a year and it would kill all that it was applied
to, however they seemed to come back just as strong if not stronger.
We do have Home Depot up here and I will go into the city tomorrow to see what I can track down.  In Canada we are extremely limited
to insecticides, herbicides, systemic anything.  One can not even buy (the name escapes me now!) anything with Bt (Bacillus
thuringiensis subsp. israelensis) in it unless you have an application license.  I'm actually surprised that malathion is still

Glen, thanks for the heads up on applying to dormant plants, I will learn from your error and not do the same.  I would not have
thought of that.  Jim you are very correct on being able to control critters by cool temps, unfortunately I'm not able to do that,
wish I could though because I know it works!

I do know that Bayer has a Cdn division, however I think (and hope I'm wrong) that it is only for the agricultural / farming sector.
Still I may be able to find something I can use at one of the local farming outlets hopefully in an affordable quantity.  I'm quite
fed up with this battle and really do not want to move it to my next home!

Linda Foulis
Okotoks, AB

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