Acis trichophylla: cultivation in pots

Jim McKenney
Mon, 09 Feb 2009 19:45:14 PST
My plants of Acis trichophylla and A. trichophylla 'Rosea' came from Jane
several years ago, and therefore it will come as no surprise to anyone that
I've experienced the same results here under East Coast conditions - right
down to the detail that one form is less vigorous than the other. 

I grow them in the protected cold frame - I think I need to be redundant
about this every once and a while and emphasize that this is a true cold
frame, it gets no supplementary heat. They grow in a gritty mix of pine bark
fines, crushed granite, perlite and some of the local heavy loam. They
remain dry and very hot during the summer.

However, my plants have never bloomed, probably because I grow them in such
a lean mixture and do not water them much at all. They do give good bulb
increase from year to year. One difference between Jane's experience and
mine is that the one labeled as  white-flowered form seems to be more
vigorous. Since they have not bloomed, perhaps I mixed up the labels. 

I've been extremely conservative about watering with many of the frame-grown
bulbs here - it's an area of their culture where I'm still feeling my way. 

Acis trichophylla is such a tiny plant: I can't imagine a garden where it
could be grown. 

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