weather changes

Adam Fikso
Tue, 03 Feb 2009 09:25:40 PST
Boyce, you left out the bone-chilling -11° F degrees in our area,    and the 
weeks of single digits, and the 4 days at 0° F.  Our temperature swings 
haven't been as grotesque as Jim Waddick's more on  he order of 30-35 
degrees--but It's not like gardening on the West Coast.   I think  that your 
average tempearure of 25.5°    is due to being closer to the lakefront  the 
lakefront, and topography which protects the garden from more northerly 
winds.  Your snowfall also was lesser than in my yard, just 15 miles from 
We easily had 2 feet on the ground from time to time. I think some of your 
temps were the official ones recorded at O'Hare, yes?  Does the Botanic 
Garden keep weather records?

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