Cape flowers in March?

Peter den Bakker
Mon, 09 Feb 2009 11:54:14 PST
Neil, It takes us about 3 weeks. We starts in Jo'burg (RSA) via Botswana to 
Namibia going north to Etosha and
going down via the coast to Namaqua land (RSA) ended in Cape town.
We rent a car in Jo'burg and leave it in Cape town.
I was invited by a travelagent to join him, he make the trip to meat some 
hotelowners and make deals with them.
March /April is not a busy time for travelagents in the Netherlands so it 
was a good time to go.
The plants in Namibia are awesome, a lot of caudex and succulent plants.
I agree with Myke, September is a better time when you have a choice.
We will make a trip in the last week of August and the first two weeks of 
September to Namaqua land.
I think it will be awesome.


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Peter, How long did that drive take you? We're vaguely thinking of doing 
that trip,
we want to see Welwitschia in Namibia. Was March/April a good time, or would 
be better, was there a particular reason you chose March?
Did you rent a car in Windhoek and leave it in Cape Town?
Thank you for any information.

>Diane, I did the trip in March/April 2007, from Botswana, Namibia to Cape 
>Town. Nieuwoudtville was very dry, it didn't rain for about eight months. I 
>didn't see >any bulb, only dust :-(. South Africa was much better, 
>Amaryllis belladonna,Haemanthus and between Clanwilliam and Citrusdal just 
>besite the road (leftside) a
 >lot Brunsvigia oriƫntalis in flower.
 Peter den Bakker The Netherlands.

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