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Mon, 02 Feb 2009 06:12:42 PST
Hello Judy,
Try for the form Galanthus reginae-olgae 'Tileburn Jamie'.It flowers here for several months!
And it grows like a weed.I have countless bulbs of it.But don't know how about sending to the states if I could.
best regards ,

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> I'm 2 miles from the Delaware River, about in the middle, north to 
> south, of this long skinny state. It has been a very cold winter. Our 
> low was minus 2.5 degrees Fahrenheit. A neighbor just a half mile down 
> the road had minus 5.0 degrees Fahrenheit. Micro-climates, indeed.
> Galanthus 'Potter's Prelude' was in flower on December 31, 2008. Eight 
> flowers, and I must be sure to divide it this spring. I once had a very 
> healthy clump of G. nivalis regina-olgae, up to about 20+ flowers each 
> fall. Every time I saw it in bloom I'd say to myself, "really must 
> remember to divide it, come Spring." I didn't, and then there was the 
> Spring when it wasn't there. I can only assume it got overcrowded and 
> all rotted out. Anyone want to sell be a bulb to start all over again? 
> I'll do better this time, promise.
> Judy in NJ where the snow has such an icy crust that it supports even me
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