Bananas in New Jersey

James Waddick
Wed, 11 Feb 2009 13:25:04 PST
>A friend in Sergentsville NJ who believes bigger is definitely much,
>much better when it comes to plants in his garden puts fencing about 8
>foot tall around his M. basjoo, fills with oak leaves, and covers with
>plastic. His bananas easily reach 14 feet tall. No flowers / fruit. He
>has also wintered Musiella lasiocarpa over the winter.

Dear Judy,
	Tell your friend that if he is going to this much trouble why 
not grow one of the really taller species/cv and get over 20 ft in a 
season. Now that would be a show !

	I've grown basjoo here for years, but the lazy way. I have a 
clump out in the garden - not near any protective structure - that is 
cut down in the fall and then a couple bags of leaves are dumped on 

	A friend growing basjoo on the s side of a house in Kansas 
City KS does a bit more protection than I do, but the south facing 
and foundation gets his plants to the second story window each year.

	Lots of newer cvs have been rapidly developed and distributed 
via TC that small plants can be very cheap and a wide variety 
available with a few exceptions such as 'Ae Ae' (sigh ).

	Look beyond basjoo	Jim W.
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