Mealy bug eradication

P. C. Andrews
Mon, 09 Feb 2009 10:59:48 PST
Its not so good for pets either.  Even nicotine gum left around can be dangerous.  Dogs will eat almost anything- although primates still have them beat.
Agatha Christie even used nicotine as a poison in one of her mysteries.
When I grew flowering nicotine in the garden- I would sometimes find dead bugs on the leaves in the morning which I attributed rightly or wrongly to the nicotine.

> Re making  up an infusion or tea of tobacco--   Such a solution would be 
> extremely toxic, depending on concentration  (nicotine being one of the more 
> lethal poisons around)  I'd use rubber gloves when using it and avoid any 
> spills onto exposed skin as it can enter through the skin.  It was  called 
> Black-Leaf 40 when sold during the Great Depression  and used as  a spray on 
> roses and other ornamentals.

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