Big Government

Adam Fikso
Sun, 01 Feb 2009 15:11:54 PST
Worse than that. You've got new college  graduates who majored in human 
resources, or some such thing who were  politically naive but loyal  who are 
still trying to learn.  You cite common sense as a standard.  One:  there's 
no such thing!  Common sense is very uncommon.  Common sense to a religious 
fundamentalist who draws most of his or her  working knowledge of the world 
from one book (when it comes to problems)  is often at a loss except to 
follow orders. Constant education is the watchword.  When I was a kid 
growing up in California, it had one of the finest educational systems in 
the world, with all classes from kindergarten on geared to eventual possible 
college placement or industrial training.,  Girls could take shop 
specicalizing in sheet metal or wood, and boys could take cooking and home 
ec.  I don't when it began dying out-- but it was some time around WWII with 
the loss of governor Earl Warren to the Supreme Court under Rooseve.

Right now, Hispanic kids can't get necessary textbooks in elementary school 
in some parts of Los  Angeles, and make do with as few as one book for 20 
kids. This is not the fault of big government,  but deliberate and 
systematized bureaucratic ignorance, and stupidity.  This has nothing to do 
with irises?  Oh yes, it does.  How many women still call irises  "blue 
flags"?   And haven't learned much since their mothers got the vote and 
didn't use it? and can't understand why or how Obama got elected?

It may seem inappropriate and not relevant , but how many African-Americans 
do we have as members in the AIS or ASI?  C'mon guys--How many?  More than 
2? I'd be astounded if there were more than 5 in the entire AIS.  And if 
anybody knows I'd like those persons  to eMail me, or reply to this list. 
It's not a private matter, it's public and nobody looks at it?    Yeah.... 
the gorilla in the room. (Our illegitimate relatives?)

Our membership secretary/treasurer could get lists from nursery catalogs and 
maybe even invite some of those oddly- named people to join.  I've never 
seen it as a suggestion, since 1958 when I think I joined-- so I'm offering 
it here.  I was too long silent.  Maybe I'm prompted by the resignation of 
Shaukat Chaudhary from our board.  A great, great  loss!  Not mourned in 
print so far that I've seen .

I think we might have about 5 Asian-Americans judging from names, but I 
haven't looked at a membership list in about 15 years when I think there 
were 2, (making allowances for my poor memory).  Anybody want to do a count 
of the Yamagatas, Fujiis and Kawamotos, etc. And how about the Nguyens, the 
Changs, the Bhattacharyas, Shahs, Khans, Bashouras, Pangasinans, 
Surabanians, Joglekars, (Patels-- as common as Smith in New Delhi)?  Japan 
has two members, but there are none in or from the USA that I could guess at 
from the names.  Not too many Japanese-American kids named Smith, but maybe 

If this group has not advanced or expanded its membership, it's perhaps 
because we don't have adequate representation of the  gardening populations 
or iris fanciers  from countries where irises come from.  We have Rodionenko 
to take note of, but who's read any of his stuff in either English or 

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> And California wonders why it can't reach a budget agreement, current 
> global
> economy notwithstanding. I have a link somewhere that enumerates all of 
> the
> branches of state government here. It is mind-boggling and ever-expanding.
> The fact that agencies at local and state levels are staffed by people who
> are not directly accountable to the voters necessarily puts citizen and
> business owner alike at a disadvantage. Same with USDA/DHS. Not that they
> should be made directly accountable, but we could use a better system of
> accountability for cases like this iris farm. Our elected representatives
> are swamped. It is not like a shoe store where we can move on to the next
> one if we don't like the service. Therefore they have a special obligation
> to draw from common sense in applying the laws and regulations. I don't
> think they get any training in the former.
> Dylan Hannon
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