Babiana and Spiloxene on the wiki

Mary Sue Ittner
Tue, 10 Feb 2009 10:14:47 PST

It always fascinates me that so many of the off topic subjects on this list 
draw more responses than those on topic.

Before the wiki went down last week I had spent a couple of months working 
on the Babiana wiki pages, adding a lot of information and pictures and 
trying to figure out a lot of species we saw from location and the Babiana 
revision. In the revision there were 23 new combinations, names, species, 
and statuses so this was quite a task. Babiana doesn't seem to be a genus 
with a lot of followers, no doubt because it can't be grown in colder 
areas. Still, I hope some of you will take the time to look at what I've 
done and let me know about corrections or if you can identify some of the 
species that I gave up on listed under Babiana sp. Babiana is a genus in 
northern California that can be grown in the ground (at least some species) 
and if you grow a number of different species they will be in bloom a long 

The other genus I also added new species and new pictures to is Spiloxene. 
I got a little carried away with Spiloxene capensis, but there are just so 
many forms of this one that I wanted to give a sense of that. We saw one on 
Lion's Head that had a blue center, quite striking. You can't tell these 
differences from the thumbnails. Spiloxene capensis multiplies rapidly for 
me and Spiloxene serrata very little. The latter is a species that starts 
to bloom in winter and will keep on blooming if it has conditions it likes. 
Since we have had less rain this year it has been blooming more than it 
usually does. I also had some interesting pictures of what seemed to be 
natural hybrids, but didn't get around to adding them and now all those 
kinds of things need to wait until we figure out if and how we can fix the 
wiki so it will last.…

I know I can't compete with culinary matters, but I hope some of you will 
look at the pictures.

Mary Sue

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