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Justin Smith
Tue, 24 Feb 2009 23:58:46 PST


Hi all,


What was said was:

> Remember a certain warning about two moths ago, DHS (regulatory enforcement)was   convincing OIG (lawyers) that the violations are the responsibility of the importers for not instructing the exporters on what the policy is... 


Sounds like time for a EULA for my emails to people that I want to import from. I think something like this. 


"Filling this order you acknowledge that you understand English at the college level of comprehension and you agree that you fully know and comprehend all laws, rules and regulations set forth by the United States. You further declare that if you, (the supplier of seed/plant material) fail to follow every law, rule or regulation for the United States it is not because the importer (the person requesting seed/plant material from you) failed in any way shape or form to inform you of every law, rule and regulation of the United States because you acknowledge that you already know every law, rule and regulation set forth by the United States and agree to follow every law, rule and regulation of the United States."


Now that's a EULA that has some teeth in it. I think I will send this EULA with my next order to Silverhills. lol



What was said:

> You must make arrangements to have the package move from the PIS to your final destination as a domestic movement. There are many options to deal with this but you can pick up the plant material or arrange to have it delivered via an open contract with an accounting code. 



There are many options?  


There are only 2 options listed.


1. To drive to the inspection station and pick it up. That is only viable if you actually live close to it. Which most, I would think, do not.


2. To have an open contract with an accounting code. (I presume you mean with a carrier like UPS.)



Any body know how much UPS charges just for an account that allows this type of service? 


Something tells me that the fee alone just to have an account is not gonna fall in my price range.





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