Galanthus reginae-olgae, was New Jersey Weather

Jane McGary
Mon, 02 Feb 2009 10:46:13 PST
To respond to Jim's inquiry about growing this plant, I keep it in 
the bulb frame in a part that is sprinkled a little in summer but 
definitely not very moist. It is in pots that are plunged. However, 
another pot in a situation that is actually watered regularly in 
summer (also plunged) has done well too. The main problem I have in 
growing it is bulb fly; now I put Reemay over it in spring before the 
flies emerge.

In nature it grows in mountain woodlands (and, I think, sometimes in 
more open situations). I saw it in Greece in an oak forest in very 
deep shade, growing among rocks.

There is a romantic aura, apparently, about this species, no doubt 
stimulated by English gardening books, that makes many people want to 
acquire it. I have to limit sales to one per customer, or some people 
would try to buy a lot of this bulb and nothing else. I originally 
acquired it from Potterton's in England around 1990. It increases 
fairly well but doesn't seem to set viable seed, perhaps because I 
have only one clone.

As for its hardiness, I couldn't vouch for it below about 20 F (minus 7 C).

I'd be curious to know what the plants at the Eastern WSW sold for, 
since I'm donating a pot of bulbs to the Western WSW study weekend's 
silent auction.

Jane McGary
Northwestern Oregon, USA

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