Amaryllis belladona in Connecticut

Jim McKenney
Mon, 16 Feb 2009 11:33:32 PST
Yes, Judy, I would like very much to have more details. 

I've tried Amaryllis belladonna near a wall, with the foliage heavily
mulched during the worst of the winter. The plants did not bloom and only
diminished over time. 

I'm currently trying it in my protected cold frame where the foliage goes
through the winter unscathed and with plenty of sun. But it has not bloomed
yet there either. 

Judy, do you remember if your plants bloomed for many years in succession?
Because the flower buds of these plants are formed a year or so before they
actually bloom (I think I've got that right), it's not unusual for newly
purchased bulbs to bloom immediately if they are acquired in the summer and
then again a year later. But until you mentioned your plants I had never
heard of long-term success with this plant on the east coast. 

And I'm amazed that the foliage survived a Connecticut winter exposed to the
air! Foliage exposed to the air was always severely damaged here.  

When you get a chance, please tell me more. 

Jim McKenney

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