Blooming now/Weather changes

Robin Hansen
Sun, 01 Feb 2009 19:26:15 PST
Mary Sue,

We have had extremely dry conditions in Dec and Jan as well, and I'm greatly concerned.  We have had much more frost than usual with colder than normal temperatures.  I'm located 1 1/2 miles inland from the ocean, and 24 -26 degrees has been nothing unusual this winter, for days on end.

If you look on a map of Oregon, just north of North Bend, you will see the Oregon Dunes Nat'l Recreation Area.  I'm six miles north of North Bend on the east side of 101.

Where for a number of years I left shade cloth on year-round and covered with poly in the winter, I now leave shade cloth off, and leave the poly on year-round.

Which means, because of quite a bit of shade at the east end of the greenhouse, that I just went through a flat of Cyclamen repandum which was at that end and more than half had rotted.  The soil mix was sopping.  I've never had that problem before with repandum!!  We've also had less wind, although the fishermen might not agree.

I have snowdrops up, and yes, Erythronium multiscapoideum is blooming.  Don't think I will ever have enough of this erythronium.   From the deep pink buds to the white flower swith yellow centers and wonderfully marked foliage, it is a great plant.  Furthermore I've managed not to kill it...  My multiscapoideum may be forma cliftonii and came from Jane McGary.  I'm looking forward to putting it in the catalog.

Cyclamen coum is putting on a show, and repandum is getting ready to bloom.  C. purpurascens has one flower.  Ipheion is blooming; it's one plant I look forward to every year as it is so reliable.  I have all three colors of ipeion - pink, white and blue/purple.  

The poly house with the door left open overnight(accidentally) has a number of tender species, among them Cyclamen africanum and persicum + its hybrids.  They all look fine.  This has been typical of my experience over the years.  Don't know if it is because of my watering methods, type of soil mix or who knows???

Pray for rain,

Robin Hansen

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