Overlapping plant society memberships

Ruth Bierhoff email@ruthbierhoff.com
Sun, 15 Feb 2009 14:20:36 PST
Hi Jane,
I am a member of : PBS, NARGS, IBS, AGS, SRGC, SIGNA and Pennsylvania Native 
Plant Society.
Ruth Bierhoff
Coming in to bloom now Edgeworthia, Eranthis, Hellebores, A few Primulae, 
Crocuses, Galanthus. Spring has sprung in North Carolina!
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> Hello, everyone,
> We just had a PBS Board meeting by phone conference this morning, and
> one topic we discussed was the possibility of arranging ways for PBS
> members and potential members to get together in person for
> activities. I suggested that such gatherings could be arranged at
> meetings of larger societies to which many of us belong, much as
> scholars in small subdisciplines sometimes arrange "parasessions" at
> academic meetings of larger disciplines. We're having an informal
> get-together, for instance, at the NARGS Western Winter Study Weekend
> in March, in Portland, Oregon, during the two-hour social period on
> Saturday evening, between the program and the banquet. Several PBS
> members have also told me they'd like to include my bulb collection
> in their tour of the open gardens open during that weekend.
> To identify possible sites, I'd like to ask anyone who cares to
> respond to tell me which other plant societies he or she belongs to.
> A list of likely ones appears below. You can check off those to which
> you belong or whose meetings you sometimes attend. You can return
> your response to the list, or, if you prefer, to me privately. Once
> we have an idea what kind of overlap exists, we may be able to plan
> other events.
> Another idea we discussed was planning car-pool tours of natural
> areas where interesting geophytes grow. Groups that have done this in
> the American West include the Penstemon Society, Lily Society, and
> SIGNA (Species Iris Group of North America). Usually there are a
> couple of knowledgeable guides, and the group stays in one or more
> inexpensive hotels and travels around for several days, doing
> moderate hikes and lots of photography. Does this appeal?
> Thanks much,
> Jane McGary
> Please indicate which of these societies you belong to, or which
> ones' meetings you sometimes attend even if not a paying member:
> Pacific Bulb Society
> North American Lily Society
> North American Rock Garden Society
> International Bulb Society
> Daffodil Society
> Alpine Garden Society
> Scottish Rock Garden Club
> Cactus and Succulent Society
> Hardy Plant Society (which region?)
> Cyclamen Society
> Perennial Plant Association
> American Iris Society
> Native Plant Society (which state/province?)
> OTHER -- Please list:
> _______________________________________________
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