Pacific BX 196

Paul T.
Sat, 07 Feb 2009 23:40:44 PST
At 11:07 PM 3/02/2009, you wrote:
>Dear Paul,
>You got last year's crop. I have one order and that is going to Ron Redding.

Dell et al,

I wasn't actually trying to order the Cryptostephanus, just making 
sure that you were thanked for your donation as well, given that you 
thanked both Doug and Tom.  I have sent this clarification to the 
list, just in case others thought I was just ordering them and made a 
mistake.  I was trying to publicly thank you for you contribution as 
well, as you don't thank yourself (obviously enough! <grin>)

And for those interested.... unlike previous times I had tried 
Cryptostephanus from elsewhere, Dell's germinated beautifully, and 
although not exactly growing quickly they are still growing (which is 
the main thing).  Thanks for last year's crop!!

All the best everyone.


Paul T.
Canberra, Australia - USDA Zone Equivalent approx. 8/9

Growing an eclectic collection of plants from all over the world 
including Aroids, Crocus, Cyclamen, Erythroniums, Fritillarias, 
Galanthus, Irises, Trilliums (to name but a few) and just about 
anything else that doesn't move!! 

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