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Ron Vanderhoff
Tue, 10 Feb 2009 18:59:15 PST
I grew Melothria scabra every summer for a few years in mild southern California, where they grow great. I found the plants very easy to grow, although the vines are a bit wiry and only marginally ornamental. I also found the fingernail-sized fruits very tasty; a blend of cucumber, melon and a little lemon. Nice addition to a salad. They grew easily, were very prolific and, like all curcubits, are warm season growers.

I would suggest trying them. An inexpensive source is Baker Creek Heirloom Seed ( They call them "Mexican Sour Gherkins". A packet sell for $2.75 with a flat $3.00 shipping charge.

Ron Vanderhoff

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Dear Friends,
    I know enough of you and your culinary wanderings, that I 
thought I'd ask if you know of this little vine commonly called 'Cuke 
Nuts' or 'Mouse Melon" (don't you love these common names?) and 
botanically as Melothria scabra. This is a Mexican cucurbit with 
edible fruits.

    Never saw or heard of it before seeing this web site:

    Any experiences to share?

        Best        Jim W.
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