Douglas Westfall
Sun, 08 Feb 2009 17:55:58 PST
"Before everyone rushes off to spray their gardens stem to stern with
imidaproclid, a reminder that it is a "nicotinoid" insecticide, a  
class which
has been implicated in the decline of honeybees."

I do share your concern for the honey bees. Every morning There are  
drowned bees in our pool. If they are moving, I dip them out and put  
them on the lawn or on the Sprekelias when they are blooming.

I think that we need to exercise a little moderation and care in  
spraying anything noxious in our yards. I carefully the base or the  
medium at the base of the bulb. I do not just spray it carelessly  
around the yard. I have also poured some mix into a basin and let  
dormant bulbs "soak" in it. They respond when planted and subsequently  

But, thanks for the "warning"!


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