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> Subject: Re: [pbs] woody irids> > > I have a few plants of Nivenia corymbosa. They are a few years old, in 1 > gallon pots, about 10" tall and are beginning to branch out. They have not yet > bloomed. They grow with no problems.> > I tried to germinate N. stokoei, but none ever popped.> > I also have one surviving plant of Witsenia maura, out of 3 seeds that > germinated. It is still quite small.> > What are you growing?> > David Boucher> Hawaii
I have several N. corymbosa that I started fall 2007.  Though not very big I think the tallest one is about 6 inches high. I have a couple of Witsenia maura the same age. I tried N. stokoei in 2007 and I actually think I got one to sprout. It has a little different shape to the fan than N. corymbosa. Where at the N. corymbosa each leaf is straight. This one (the N. stokoei) each leaf has a slight curve pointing back to the center of the fan. Though I guess I really won't know until it blooms. lol  
I tried some more N. stokoei seed last fall with nothing sprouting. That is one of the problems with seed. You can just have a bad year. I also planted some more N. corymbosa this past fall and got a good germination rate. 
I use clay pots with a sandy mix. Do you fertilize yours with anything special? I think I should give mine a little something but unsure as to what kind of fertilizer to use.
I do enjoy watching them closely. The different N. corymbosa have such varied growth patterns. I have one that has the main fan that stands straight and tall, with a few very small fans at the base. Then I have one that is of average (when compared to the others) but has many fans around the base, with each of the fans being of equal size. Makes it look like some kind of miniature palm tree. lol
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