Re-flowering Iris danfordiae

Karen Mountford
Sat, 21 Feb 2009 13:45:04 PST
How very timely Rodger. After reading something (probably here) I bought
some in 2007 and planted them deeply. 8 inches I think. Their first spring
last year the sparrows pecked them out - little beggars always go for the
yellow flowers.

This year they have just started flowering and three of the six that have
come up have FOUR flowers from the single one last year, the others have two
or three. I am feeling quite smug.

They are growing in full sun, in soil that is pretty well pure sand in
Eastern England. We have had several years of unusually wet summers. I have
added no feed or manure. 

To foil the sparrows I have surrounded each with a polycarbonate cylinder
made from a fizzy drinks bottle. It's working so far :-)


Karen Mountford

For many years, I've thought that the problem was that the bulbs were
too shallowly, and that if planted deeper they wouldn't split up, hence
flower more.

Rodger Whitlock
Victoria, British Columbia, Canada
Maritime Zone 8, a cool Mediterranean climate
on beautiful Vancouver Island

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