more about the bees
Sun, 08 Feb 2009 22:45:38 PST
More about the bees.  We have such a variety of bees in our garden  I've 
stopped trying to count.  My husband knows most of them.  Before  he started 
keeping bees, I didn't want him to pull weeds.  He pulled out  all the borage and 
lots of other plants I wanted.  When he started studying  and keeping bees most 
of those plants I planted to attract beneficials became  sacred and now I 
pull some out because he lets them grow in the path and  anywhere else just 
because the bees like them.  The bees love lavender and  most herbs. We also have 
mason bee houses we have made and other bee houses for  other types of bees and 
pollinators.  They are smaller than a beehive but  nailed up all over the 
place.  They are all interesting and used.   Currently the blooming accacia is 
humming in the daytime.  As cold as it  is, we are already seeing many types of 
bees every day. 

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