Vetlheimia color

Brian Whyer
Mon, 02 Feb 2009 02:22:14 PST
> At the moment my veltheima grown from seed is flowering with four scapes
> ( four bulbs ) However I find the flowers a rather pale pink. They have
> always been inside surely not improving the color. My question is: has
> anyone ever selected for more red color ? I know there is a yellow one.
> Ben
> Institute of Molecular Plant Sciences
> Clusius laboratory
> PBox 9505
> 2300RA Leiden
> The Netherlands

This came up last year I think. If I flower mine indoors or on the shaded
floor of my frost free greenhouse they are a very pale pink. If I place them
on the bench of the greenhouse, so that they catch our weak winter and
spring sun they go a deep brick coloured pink, one sided if I forget to turn

4" snow so far today, and more expected this week. Snowdrops, Eranthis,
Cyclamen coum and Primroses flowering, somewhere under the white stuff.

Brian Whyer, Buckinghamshire, England, zone ~8

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