importing bulbs and seeds

Mary Sue Ittner
Sun, 01 Feb 2009 08:12:51 PST

Mark Mazer's comments about additional challenges in the import system 
prompts me to comment that there are a number of people on our list who 
sell bulbs in the United States. Many of them have grown what they sell 
from seed and are very skilled in doing so. Buying from them although it 
may cost a bit more saves you the hassle of the system and some time and 
effort trying to grow the items yourself. Silverhill Seeds in South Africa 
has come up with a system where a number of  seed orders are inspected and 
a phyto obtained and those orders are sent to one address in the USA and 
then sent on to the various customers. That way the cost of the phyto is 
shared between a number of people and does not add much to the order.

I wonder what happens to people who live in rural areas of the United 
States where there is no mail delivery and Post Office Boxes are necessary. 
Where I live the local post office sends back anything that is addressed to 
your street address even though most of the people who work there know the 
post office box numbers for the people involved. It's just the policy. This 
has caused some hardships for people with mail that they had to receive by 
a certain date from people or groups who insisted on writing the street 
address even though they were told that the mail had to go to the post 
office box.

Mary Sue

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