protected cold frame

Marguerite English
Thu, 26 Feb 2009 23:51:01 PST
I'm finally getting my fanny in the chair to put together the Spring 
issue of the Bulb Garden this weekend.   Will you be sending a 
contribution for your column?

I did ask folks on the forum to respond to my query about whether folks 
follow up to look at vendors who author articles for us and got about 
six answers.
They were all positive about getting around to doing so, but none had 
previously purchased from our authors.  I will mention it again when I 
notify the forum that
the winter issue is being mailed.        I do suspect it keeps the idea 
before folks when they see what you write about. 

I got and planted your shipment.  The Cyclamen are in a protected spot 
in the front flower bed and the Fritillaria are in a container in the 
greenhouse until establish themselves a little.  They have already 
opened one bloom.

Thanks, Marguerite

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