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Carlo A. Balistrieri
Wed, 11 Feb 2009 04:46:21 PST

Clifford Wright in 'Mediterranean Vegetables' writes that scallions  
green onions and spring onions all refer to Allium fistulosum, the  
differences between them attributable to cultivars (a nice word to  
find in a cookbook!). HE explains that a scallion is a very immature  
onion pulled from the ground before a bulb has formed. Green onions  
are a cross between a scallion and an onion (a matter of timing, not  
genetics I believe) pulled when the bulb is very small but starting to  

He reports Muscari neglectum and racemosum being cooked (boiled with  
vinegar or grilled over a wood fire with olive oil salt and pepper).  
Hyacinthus orientalis and romanus (names good?) are often pickled. The  
Italian names used for Hyacinthus (to further confuse the onion  
discussion) are cipiduzzi, cipuddrizze, and cipollaci del fiocco.

Wright's book, by the way, is fantastic. Well researched, it has  
sections on plant characteristics and varieties (including names from  
different parts of the area), plant origin, plant history, etc. ALONG  
with the recipes...

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