Wed, 04 Feb 2009 17:07:19 PST
As any of you who are golfers will probably know, next week is the AT&T
tournament here, so we are preparing for hot, sunny weather (70s), cold,
rainy weather (40s with fog and drizzle), no wind, gale force winds, one
cloudburst, some sleet and/or freezing rain.  So far this year we have about
half of our expected rainfall (and all of it, about 18", comes in the winter
months), so are in a drought mode as this is the third year with less than
normal rainfall.  Last year we had a deep freeze, for us, in Jan.  This year
we set new records for heat - into the 80s - and Feb. has begun with lovely,
warm days in the upper 60s along the coast and abundant sunshine.  As you
can see, our weather is quite variable and generally unpredictable in the
long range.  So that part has been normal this winter.  Temps have been
above normal, so lots of daffodils are blooming and cyclamen.  The camellias
are totally confused with some late bloomers in their full glory while some
which usually in bloom in Feb. still have tight buds.


All in all, a most unusual year, but not overly cold nor overly hot - just


Shirley Meneice, Cal. Central Coast, Zone 9 (or 10 in the more favorable
areas such as mine, about 900' from the coast at an elevation of 125'.

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