International shipping

Ruth Bierhoff
Thu, 26 Feb 2009 05:38:27 PST
"The discussions have been going on for about 18 months and  he feels confidant that a compromise can be garnered from USPS in the near future."

Dear WDA:

Your excellent response to the various emails concerning APHIS and the USPS is much appreciated. 

However.....I am 77 years old. My interest in acquiring seeds from the various foreign Seed-exes was purely recreational. I have done so for 3-4 years easily and comfortably by sending the appropriate APHIS paper work with my seed order to the exporters involved. I appreciate your suggestions about NARGS forming a lobbying group (I am a member). But in the limited time remaining to me, personally, I much prefer to spend it researching new seeds to acquire and grow. Also, the suggestion about looking for other gardeners in my area to form a joint ordering and distributing group is good, but, again, my time is better spent elsewhere. Therefore I will remain with the profound hope that other, younger people will pursue these ideas. Meanwhile, I will restrict my activities to certain not to be named foreign individuals who send seeds and US seed-exes. Let's hope the current administration can straighten the mess out!

Ruth Bierhoff

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