The woody Iridaceae

Justin Smith
Mon, 16 Feb 2009 18:29:12 PST


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> Subject: Re: [pbs] The woody Iridaceae
> "Of my N. stokoei seed that completely failed to germinate. I am thinking of digging some up and treating them with a strong solution of GA."
> What about trying germination with "smoke water" - seems to work with many other Cape plants? 


Oh yeah, I guess I forgot to mention that I did do that. I treated both the N. corymbosa and N. stokoei with Kirstenbosch instant smoke plus.


If I understand them correctly the "plus" is GA though I could be wrong on that. I have one small packet of GA I got from a seed supplier here in the states. Will mix up a strong batch which I think is 1000 ppm, for this next fall. Then see if anything happens. 


Growing things from seed is such an iffy thing. It is a wonder that any plant can be grown to maturity from a seed successfully.



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