Information on BX 197

Jim McKenney
Sun, 22 Feb 2009 14:53:38 PST
Roger wrote: " It's very common for sterile triploids to resort to
vegetative propagation."

Roger, in the natural course of events virtually all lilies - diploids,
triploids, tetraploids and others - propagate themselves vegetatively. The
old growers had a bag of tricks for enhancing this natural tendency - tricks
such as lopping off the inflorescence early in its development or ripping
the stems out and heeling them in horizontally. 

The bulbil bearing characteristic in lilies does have a genetic basis:
review the breeding history of mid-twentieth century lily hybrids and you
will become aware of several breeding lines which were characterized by the
bulbil bearing characteristic. And the lilies in question were not
necessarily triploids.  Typically these breeding lines had the old triploid
tiger lilies in their background. 

Jim McKenney

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