mealy bug eradication

Glen Pace
Sun, 08 Feb 2009 13:33:17 PST
> "Linda,
> The  systemic imidacloprid (Bayer) is very effective against mealies. I
> don't know if you can get it in Canada."

Please use the Bayer with caution if your plants are indoors and dormant.  I 
used the Bayer fertilizer/insecticide systemic granules on my dormant 
collection of Clivias 2 years ago and lost more than 100 mature Clivias to 
that ignorant action.

My mistake with the product was using dry granules on exposed root plants 
during the "dry" dormant season.  I had sprinkled the granules on the soil 
surface and didn't consider that the granules could burn the exposed roots 
and stalk of the plants.  Had I watered the product into the soil I may not 
have had the problem.  Had I made sure the granules didn't touch exposed 
roots and kept them away from the stalks of the plants I may not have had 
the costly loss of plants.  It was a devastating lesson learned.

My suggestion is to use the product while the plants are in "active growth" 
and use the liquid Bayer as a foliar spray and a soil drench.  The Clivia 
Enthusiast Group has had multiple discussions on this topic and many people 
are using the product with excellent results.

I just wanted to send in a cautionary note from a hard lesson learned.

Glen Pace
Pace Gardens
Clio, MI  USA  zone 5- which is still under better than two feet of snow.

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