woody irids

Justin Smith oothal@hotmail.com
Sat, 14 Feb 2009 17:48:13 PST
> Subject: Re: [pbs] woody irids
   Maybe they > need more sunshine than they get since I have a lot of trees or maybe fire > is needed to bring them into bloom?> > Mary Sue> 
If I were to risk taking a guess I would think more sunshine. I grow mine in full sun in the summer months here. I keep them well watered. They look very healthy. In winter I place them in a cold frame I have at the end of the house. Where they get full sun only part of the day. I have not yet set one outside in the winter to see how cold hardy they are. Though I am going to do that this coming winter. 
Of my N. stokoei seed that completely failed to germinate. I am thinking of digging some up and treating them with a strong solution of GA. 
Woodville, TX  8b/9a
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