Terrible Fires in Australia

Don Journet donjournet@netspace.net.au
Mon, 09 Feb 2009 04:28:09 PST
Dear Mary Sue,
                         Your absolutely right, these fire storms were 
far worse than we usually expect. I was out on the fires over the 
weekend and the temperatures were quite extreme and far more intense 
than usual although radiant heat from the fires is always high. Even 
when we were standing in the car park of McDonalds while assembling the 
tankers(trucks) I sent the crew inside because it was so hot. The 
conditions vary a great deal depending upon where and what you are 
fighting. We have carried out a large amount of asset protection around 
houses as well as some directly fighting fires. Looks as if we will 
being out on the fires for some time to come with short rest periods at 
home to avoid fatigue causes more accidents and casualties.
     Must get on there is much to be done.
Don Journet
Bacchus Marsh

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