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Mary Sue Ittner msittner@mcn.org
Tue, 03 Feb 2009 11:45:36 PST

Ibiblio upgraded php today. It's the programming language that our wiki 
uses. Unfortunately our wiki is incompatible with the upgrade so that none 
of the pages show anymore. It's not clear whether or not they will be able 
to modify the code and patch it up. We started with this wiki software 
about five years ago and it worked well for us for a number of years and 
when it went down the last time with an upgrade, a lot of work went into 
making it workable again, both from ibiblio and from our wiki volunteer 
support helper, Jay Yourch. I spent a lot of time fixing things too. What 
we did last time won't work this time since the wiki software we are using 
is no longer being patched for security issues or software upgrades. In 
other words the developers have lost interest in it.

I'm exploring alternatives at the moment as is ibiblio. Whether changing to 
another wiki could be done might depend on how much time it took to fix 
everything. Our data is in a database which could be used with another 
wiki, but it's possible that every page might need to be fixed.  In the 
meantime you can still look at the pictures since the files have been 
stored in a different place and are viewed from there.

This takes awhile to load because of all the pictures stored there so I 
suggest you append whatever genus you want on the end of this url. For 
instance if you wanted to look at the Babiana pictures you would go to

Mary Sue

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