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Sat, 14 Feb 2009 13:10:45 PST
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there  has so far been no sign of winter aconites in my  garden.

That seems odd, Jim. They are just opening today here in SW Ohio, Z5a/b. No  
sign of any crocus, although some galanthus leaves showing. We've been through 
 intense weather, heavy snow, ice, cold temperatures, storms and so on here, 
so  the winter aconites are very welcome.
Our local newspaper garden columnist did a story on early spring-blooming  
bulbs, with photos, and she labeled the winter aconites "Wolfbane" obviously  
confusing the common name "aconites" with wolfbane's scientific name "aconitum". 
 She manages a good goof like this several times a year, yet won't run her 
copy  by anyone knowledgeable to avoid these errors.
Bill Lee
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