Importing Bulbs and Seeds

Byron Amerson
Mon, 23 Feb 2009 18:56:58 PST
I received my USDA small lots of seed permit today.  I mailed in my
application on January 29, so 27 days turn around.  Not Bad.  The permit
expires in 2012 and there are 16 of the green and yellow labels, which I
assume should be adequate, as long as I don't order more than 16 lots of
seed.  The permit is broad, covering  "Eligible taxa" and "various approved

Sadly, the shipping I pay to the seed vendor will cover only shipping to the
ag inspection facility.  From there I can pick it up in person after
inspection.  Or shipping will be billed to my express carrier shipping
account information that I mailed to the seed vendor along with a copy of my
permit and the permit conditions is to be included in the package of seed
that the vendor ships.  So I pay for shipping twice.

I'll try this out and post to the list, just to share my experience for
informational purposes.


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