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Deborah Jordan djordan68@comcast.net
Mon, 26 Jan 2009 17:25:11 PST
Fine Mark--you are rid of me now too. Anyone else you would like to 
eliminate from the PBS list while you are at it? I've received plenty of 
support from our esteemed members also.
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> to "hurl accusations".
>>Perhaps it's you that owes me an apology.
>>I'm glad I live near the Port of Houston for receiving mail from overseas
>>and that its one of the primary destinations for massive amounts of 
>>and outgoing international mail. They are so overwhelmed, they just run 
>>dogs along long conveyor belts and unless they hit on drugs or explosives,
>>its good to go (A good friend of mine works there).
> You also wrote:
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>>To All-
>>As far as Debbie goes--I haven't traded seeds with anyone internationally 
>>quite sometime.
> Therefore, you have traded seed internationaly, "glad" that it slips 
> through a busy port. Quacks like a duck, walks like a duck, must be a 
> duck.
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