Importing Bulbs and Seeds

Tue, 27 Jan 2009 15:49:14 PST
First of all, I have not tried to entrap anyone. The laws regarding entrapment would be- Hi I'm interested in smuggling and you seem like a person who would know how to do it. How much would it cost for me to have you smuggle something into another country. Then after you do you it you get busted for doing it. 

Then remember that this is a public forum. Anyone can read what you post on the internet and it doesn't go away- check out to find old documents posted on the internet. I am not responsible for what you choose to post on the internet. If you brag about what you've done or know and then add your name, telephone number and address in the same email then that probably means you'll be standing tall if questioned about it.

It is rather foolish to brag or publically state that you are doing something on the internet, especially if it is self incriminating.
Remember a pervious post - they only catch the stupid???? It is stupid to provide information on the internet that you don't want someone to use against you.
I will not now nor ever in the future pledge that I will keep your secrets to myself or that  the government will not come looking for you. Your on your own on that one.
That was and  is not my intention of participating with this group. When people started stating misfacts I kept my fingers still until it got to the point that people would probably loose their imports because they were missing details.
Nor am I  to justify to anyone on this group or any other forum by stating facts and figures behind the ability of every DHS employee or USDA employee to deal with every shipment to someone's satisfaction. I can not, that information if it was available would be gained through a FOIA. Last I checked, people from all walks of life make mistakes, are misinformed or lack training. They are often singularities in a process. Many people dislike what we do. We are viewed as the enemy, the evil that is bent on destroying the free will of the common man.The heartless plant cops that harass the innocent. What ever. I am just a plant geek that got recruited into APHIS and through a series of luck or hard work I am now in a position to make changes. I try to help and as Jim has stated I try very hard to allow access to what I know and can accomplish to anyone regardless if it is a large nursery owner or someone starting up a new business- ask Pat from The Auld Sod. He'll give you an Irish earful about me.

If you want a thrill just google a name. Mine is easy when spelled correctly. I know how much of my life is an open book and what parts I choose to keep private.

So, no I will not give you any degree of confidence that your disclosures will not be used against you nor that any one will come knocking at your door. In fact chances are someone else is also aware of your actions as it applies to their job and someday you may have to look someone in the eye and tell them what it is you meant by the email or posting. It won't be me though.

I offered my experience to help with the importation of plant material. I have seen many people navigate through the system and I understand it well enough to actually be paid to be the project manager for changes in the CFR and I am on the international committee to draft the standard for the trade of plants for planting.

I am not a bulb expert sorry if I didn't pass the criteria to join this group. I thought it was a place to learn about growing bulb and similar plants.  If anyone is interested I did manage to get my Cardiocrinum giagantium to bloom for me in Maryland. I am happy when my rain lillies bloom I didn't know what they were until I read about them in this forum. I spent a lot of money with Tony and enjoy the plants that are successful, mourning my inexperience for the ones that don't. I take adventures in pollinating lillies to see what seed I get. I've tried to propagate lilly scales and I travel all over the world and sometimes I collect plants.
I have an import permit and I obtain phytosanitary  and CITES certificates and I send them the same way that anyone in the US would ship into the USA.

I am currently in Jamaica and thinking about tropical ginger to bring back to the States. If I do it will also be  with  with any native orchids or bromeliads and perhaps a few tubers. I will have a PC issued by the government, I will personally clean them and box them knowing that sometimes problems in shipping happen and I will use my green and yellow label to send them to the Plant Inspection Station where they will be inspected like anyone else's shipment because in all honesty very few people actually care who I am in my agency. That's not what they are inspecting for, and in all honesty  if they do know who I am, they probably inspect my shipments much more vigorously just to say they found something and that I of all people should know better.

As I have said before this group has the ability to be an international voice of individuals who can create change in the system. For every off color remark about my lineage or intent, there have been  just as many very good suggestions and I assume honest evaluations about how the system works or doesn't work. I pass that information on to those people who can create change. 

I guess If you expect me to agree to the requests below, I'd ask that everyone in this group swear that they will never try to get past international regulations when they ship plants. That they will always do their utmost to make sure that they are part of a solution to make the system better then to try to create havoc. That they would think twice before they hit the send button and always remind themselves that everyone has an equal voice in the freedom of the internet. It would be very easy to have responded to some of the comments with a jab back, but in my experiences like the butterfly effect, one jab can sometimes lead to a war.

By the way the name is Aley.

I am with Ellen here. I would like either: 

1) a statement from William D. Alley stating that his presence on this list is purely for personal interest, and anything innocently disclosed here will never be used by him or any other representatives of any government agency, as a result of his actions, for any purpose. 


2) an apology from William D. Aley and his immediate unsubscription/removal from the list. 

If neither are possible I suggest that the PBS board needs to review its list membership policies. 

I have not searched the archives, but has WDA ever posted _anything_ not related to regulations? I suggest that members or administrators of other lists seriously consider whether there are other people 'lurking' in this way, and review the laws regarding entrapment.

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