Pancratium maritimum

Fred Biasella
Sat, 17 Jan 2009 05:34:45 PST
Hi Kathleen,


I just got some as well and I planted them in mix of ProMix potting soil,
small fir bark, granite chips and sand. I have them growing under lights
with my African Violets and their cousins in my heated front (southern
exposed) porch. The four seeds I received were potted up, watered and a
clear plastic dome was placed over the seeds until they sprouted. They have
all sprouted and the leaves are about 2" to 3" long and grass like and a
small bulb is beginning to form at the soil level. So far so good, but I'll
let you know what happens from this point on.     


Warm Regards,

Fred Biasella

Cambridge (Boston) MA


....and boy is it COLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!





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Having just gotten some Pancratium maritimum seed from the PBS BX,  

I'd like to hear from members who are familiar with this species  

about the seed germinating and bulb growing conditions that have  

worked for them.




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