Common Names

James Waddick
Sun, 11 Jan 2009 15:12:40 PST
Dear Friends,
	The recent request for info on : "skunk lily, chocolate lily, 
castor seed"  left me a bit befuddled.

	I had no idea what a skunk lily is and no one responded in 
kind. A quick search came up with Fritillaria camschatcensis. 
Pacific Rim Native Plant Nursery does not use this common name at all 
and claims they are edible. Another site referred to it as 'Dirty 
Diaper Lily' a particularly unfortunate combination.  Let's review; 
edible and smells like dirty diaper - I don't relish a serving of 
this botanical treat.

	The scent of rotting meat (according to PRNP) sounds much 
preferable to other common names including outhouse lily.

	Maybe I am missing something, but surely there is a reason to 
grow these. Tell me.

	Maybe it is too mid-winter to appreciate the subtlety.

		Best		JIm W.
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