Hypocrisy, PBS and importing seed

Don Journet donjournet@netspace.net.au
Wed, 28 Jan 2009 00:49:05 PST
"We have met the enemy.....and he is us"  How true this statement is. 
There are a great number of members and participants in this forum who 
have contributed a tremendous amount to the organisation. In the past 
there was a great deal of freedom in respect of importing seed and even 
plant material into countries all around the world. Those times have 
changed but understandably the changes have upset some who are stayed in 
their ways. Attacking these folk is not the way to a harmonious future. 
Education and persuasion are the answers, attacking is the stuff of 
wars. In management and education we hear a lot on the subject of Anger 
Management and Conflict Resolution in our training and it would benefit 
some folk to obtain some counselling in this area. The enemy is anyone 
who makes a personal attack upon another member as opposed to expressing 
their opinions and making suggestions on the general principal of the 
problem. Bashing people over the head is no longer an acceptable method 
of achieving a desirable outcome.
     Please, can we not solve these problems, hopefully permanently, by 
rational discussion and leave the policing and necessary procedures to 
the authorities put in place to regulate these importations. Our 
discussions would be far more profitably directed to how we can operate 
following the lines of best practice within the guidelines set out, and 
where possible to get procedures changed if they can be demonstrated to 
be against everyones best interest.
Don Journet
> It doesn't take but a few minutes searching the PBS archives to find messages that, implicitly or explicitly, implicate both esteemed and amateur members who illegally import seed or other plant material into the US.
> Yet the recent discussions only focus on the shortcomings of the current APHIS/USDA regulatory system.
> What a bunch of hypocrites we are.
> It doesn't take much knowledge of worldwide seed suppliers to know, that from a well known nursery in Wales that proudly states they (fraudulently) label packages of seed as dried botanical material, to a well known supplier of caudiform and geophytic material in South Africa that illegally ships seed, to an Andean supplier that mislabeles rare material and subsequently supplies a key to ID said material; nor European, Russian, and I suppose many others, unknown to this writer, that are complicit in this type of behavior. It doesn't take but a few moments searching Ebay to find many more suppliers to feed this deception.
> What a bunch of scoundrels they are.
>   Pogo
> Mark Mazer
> Hertford, North Carolina  USA
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