seed & plant importations

Diane Whitehead
Tue, 27 Jan 2009 10:26:43 PST

Indeed, scary stuff.

However, to respond to the very bottom of your message -  the use of  
dogs is not a useless shortcut. It is a quick efficient way of  
screening incoming mail or large volumes of luggage at airports.  Dogs  
are trained to detect plants, fruit, meat, narcotics, explosives, and  
probably a few more articles of concern.  It takes a lot less time for  
a dog to sniff my suitcase rather than having a person open it and  
look through it.  Having a dog sniff all the incoming mail means that  
it all gets searched.  Of course, the right dog would need to be  
sniffing.  If only narcotic and explosive sniffers are on duty, then  
plants will slip through undetected.

We have Detector Dogs in Canada, and I've had dogs sniff my car when  
I've driven into the U.S.  I believe Australia uses them too.

Diane Whitehead


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