Question about pest mammals and bulbs

Justin Smith
Sat, 03 Jan 2009 15:51:19 PST
Hi all, 
Yesterday morning I went out to look at my little bitty seed/bulb farm. Much to my horror my neighbors free range chickens had decided to come visit early. Besides the Chicken soup I am bound to make. I was wondering if there were pests to worry about. 
I have no idea if rats/mice will dig up bulbs. I have never seen it for Amaryllis that are around my house. I have heard that squirrels can eat glad bulbs but they have never bothered any of mine. Maybe due to the over abundance of pine cones and acorns. I have had an occational toad to burrow in a pot but they just push stuff aside. There are moles here but they are easy to get rid of.
I live out in the country. Though deer are common they very rarely come close to the house since I have no veggie garden. Since the chicken attack I have put up a plastic screen so the chickens can't get a free lunch. Which was easy since they are covered and up against the house. 
I was just wondering if there were any animals that will enjoy a meal at my expense. 
Woodville, TX  8b/9a
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